Thursday, October 24, 2002

Great! It's all sooo easy. Just been checking out the 'Templates' section - there's a whole load of interesting designs. So easy to bloggish! I *discovered* the Blogger website through '' (I was looking for some totally unrelated website and ended up there. *sigh*).

Speaking of discoveries - I also recently discovered And how did I end up there? Well, I was looking for an IGCSE revision website, and found through Google. had won a award; and, interested in the award, I went to their website and surfed to the 'Art and Music' category. ABCTales got the First place award from them. The website looks interesting, but I think I still prefer

Isn't it amazing how wide the web is? (admittedly corny joke).
Well, here I am, all bright and shiny with my very own blog! Ain't technology amazing? Well - I'm just taking the whole thing through some test runs right now, see how well it works :)